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Suite 3A, Level 3 / 144 Adelaide St Brisbane, QLD. 4000
Gold Bullion Bars 37.5 gram Tael Cast Bar Gold Bullion
37.5 gram Tael Cast Bar Gold Bullion
Australian Bullion Company ABC Bullion Sydney
Our Current Price: $3,324.55 AUD
Our current buy-back price is $3,128.00 AUD
About This Item: The Chinese Tael is a historical name for the gold weight of 37.5grams.

Hand poured and stamped with the ABC Bullion (Australian Bullion Company [NSW]) Logo. ABC is the largest private refinery and bullion dealer in Australia

Established in 1972, ABC Bullion is the largest and most trusted private supplier of Gold and Silver Bullion in Australia.

Item size is as follows: 25mm Length, 25mm Width, 5.2mm Thickness.
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