Gold/Au 2230.18/oz
Silver/Ag 25.17/oz
Platinum/Pt 1266.96/oz
Palladium/Pd 2150.43/oz
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Gold Bullion Items 37.5 gram Tael Cast Bar Gold Bullion
37.5 gram Tael Cast Bar Gold Bullion
Australian Bullion Company ABC Bullion Sydney
Our Current Price: $2,784.60 AUD
Our current buy-back price is $2,594.00 AUD
About This Item: The Chinese Tael is a historical name for the gold weight of 37.5grams.

The Tael features a soft round donut shape with a centre hole.

This traditional and beautiful ABC Bullion 9999 cast bar is often worn on a cord around the neck or given as gifts for weddings or during Chinese new year.

Black or red satin cords also available to wear as necklaces. Contact our team to inquire.
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