Pool Allocated Silver and Gold Bullion Accounts The simplest option to invest in Silver and Gold An Online banking centre with Brisbane Gold Company

  • Open an account with in minutes for instant trading
  • Trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • No storage fees on your pooled metals
  • Sell for your metal for cash or withdraw physical bars
  • Convert your physical bullion instore to your pool account at no cost
  • Super Funds, Trusts, Personal and Business Clients are Welcome
  • Invoices, transaction history and June 30 reports, available for SMSF Auditors
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Pool Allocated Bullion: How It Works:

  • Sign up and create your account with our secured investor centre. 1
  • Sell or Buy Silver and Gold Online 24/7. Pay by bank deposit or your existing cash holdings with BGC. 2
  • The Value of Your Bullion Holdings or cash holdings can be easily viewed online. 3
  • Withdraw your cash holdings to your external bank account or withdrawal physical bullion bars with BGC. 4

About Our Pool Allocated Bullion Products

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About BGC Pool Allocated Bullion Products

  • A simple and efficient way to invest in precious metals is BGC's pool allocated bullion. Access precious metals via BGC's Investor centre with no storage fees and with the flexibility to sell your pooled holdings at any given time, 24/7. A low cost and stress free option compared to buying and storing physical bullion bars and coins at home.
  • When the time is right to sell your pooled holdings. Option of selling metal holdings into cash account within the BGC's investor centre or withdraw pooled holdings to physical gold or silver bullion products chosen from BGC's online store. Cash holdings can be withdrawn to your external bank account or re-invested into pooled products from investor centre.
  • With the decision of withdrawing your pooled holdings to physical bars or coins, a charge of a barring fee will be applied. The barring fee is calculated via the investor centre of the products chosen from the BGC online store. The difference in price of a pool metal and the price for the chosen physical metal is the barring fee calculated.
  • Example 1 Barring Fee: Pooled 1ozt holding value = $2900, Current 1ozt AGC bullion bar price $2930, barring fee = $30
  • Example 2 Barring Fee: Pooled 1ozt holding value $2900, Current 1/4th oz Britannia Gold Coin value $800, barring fee = $75 x 4
  • All pooled metals are physically held and vaulted by BGC under BGC guarantee without the cost of storage fees. This allows BGC to supply customers with an extremely low margin for pool items.
  • To begin investing sign up with BGC's investor centre. Once logged in you may start to buy, sell or manage all your pool holdings 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. All reports, statements and invoices are readily available.
  • If currently in possession of physical bullion bars an option to deposit into your pool allocated account is available by visit BGC. The bullion weight is credited into your account within 24 hours.
  • Trade with BGC with ease as our investor centre is assembled with high security facilities to allow an extra level of security for your account.
  • For more information and support about BGC's pooled bullion and investor centre, please call or visit BGC to speak to our support team that will directly assist with any queries.

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