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A key investment strategy for large Self Managed Super Funds

Buy Gold & Silver Bullion at competitive investment rates on bulk purchases.

SMSF Physical Gold Holdings

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SMSF Physical Gold Holdings

Do you manage your own SMSF trust? Are you in charge of making the big investment decisions? We work directly with the best bullion companies in Australia and have the ability to source large quantities of gold at competitive rates. Many Australian SMSF trustees have long recognised the benefits that gold investment has over the long term. Gold is a secure investment and it offers a great return-on-investment. Gold is a sensible investment to make when you are looking for a strategy which works for self-managed super funds. With financial markets being as volatile as they have been, it makes more sense to choose an investment asset like gold which provides a safe hedge in times of economic turmoil and inflation. This is important because of the uncertain times we live in.

At Brisbane Gold Company we offer a buy-back policy which means we can also guarantee to buy back any bullion you have purchased from us at very competitive rates. If you prefer to sell elsewhere, because we only deal with leading bullion dealers in Australia, it is easy to resell your bullion at competitive rates.

Come visit us and we will go through the various investment options on offer and will also discuss the pricing as well as the storage options for your gold. We have an office in Brisbane that you can visit or call if you need information and advice. As an investment asset, gold has, is and will always make sound financial sense. We are ready to give you advice on how to make the most of your SMSF with a bullion investment.

Benefits of adding gold & silver bullion to your SMSF portfolio

smsf gold bullion smsf silver bullion
  • Learn about the benefits from gold and silver's performance in the market by investing in the array of options we have for SMSF holders.
  • You won't have to worry about security and storage of your gold and silver bullion once you buy it because we offer low-cost security and storage of the gold and silver we sell.
  • We can also offer security and storage for any bullion you already have.
  • We offer asset value data and all documents required as per SMSF audit regulations.
  • If using our Pool allocated sevice, Gold and Silver bullion can be used to buy, sell or trade online 24/7.
  • Users of our Pool Allocated Service can see the total value of holdings at any time.
  • All SMSF trusts are required to submit Essential Tasks At End Of Financial Year (EOFY) reports by June 30. We are able to provide all necessary documentation with regards to your SMSF Gold bullion investments.

Find out how we can help you by calling or visiting our office in Brisbane

If you are responsible for decision making on a SMSF Trust, we can offer you the best comprehensive service to help you choose the best options for securing your wealth. We deal with the best Australian bullion companies and deal with a sizable amount of bullion at competitive rates.

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