Gold/Au 1788.17/oz
Silver/Ag 21.52/oz
Platinum/Pt 1121.61/oz
Palladium/Pd 1932.52/oz
Last Update 21st Jan 2019 @ 05:40am
Corner Villa St & Ipswich Rd 663 Ipswich Road Annerley, QLD. 4103

Our Leading Brisbane Gold Buyers Offer YOU Cash for Gold Today!

If you are looking to sell gold or silver items, such as jewellery, coins or bullion, visit us today at the Brisbane Gold Company for industry leading practices and the highest payment rates.
Live Market Rates:
Gold: $1788.17 AUD
Silver: $21.52 AUD
Live Prices Accurate as of Mon 21st January 2019 @ 5:40am
No hidden fee's, commissions or other charges.
Gold Jewellery Payment Rates
Gold Purity Level We Pay You
24ct (99.9% Pure) Gold Items: $54.56 Per Gram
22ct (91.6% Pure) Gold Items: $50.03 Per Gram
21.6ct (90% Pure) Gold Items: $48.38 Per Gram
21ct (87.5% Pure) Gold Items: $46.28 Per Gram
20ct (83.3% Pure) Gold Items: $44.06 Per Gram
18ct (75% Pure) Gold Items: $40.96 Per Gram
15ct (62.5% Pure) Gold Items: $33.24 Per Gram
14ct (58.3% Pure) Gold Items: $31.00 Per Gram
10ct (41.6% Pure) Gold Items: $22.24 Per Gram
9ct (37.5% Pure) Gold Items: $20.48 Per Gram
8ct (33.3% Pure) Gold Items: $17.23 Per Gram
Scrap Silver Payment Rates
Silver Purity We Pay You
99.9%+ Purity (999) Silver: $0.52 Per Gram
92.5% Purity (925) Silver: $0.48 Per Gram
90% Purity (900) Silver: $0.50 Per Gram
50% Purity (500) Silver: $0.24 Per Gram
32.5% Purity (325) Silver: $0.13 Per Gram
Gold / Silver Coin Payment Rates
Coin Type We Pay You
1oz 999 Gold Coin $1,735 Each
1oz Krugerrands $1,645 Each
$200 Gold Coins $485 Each
Gold Sovereigns $387 Each
Pre 1946 Florin / Shilling / Sixp: $0.51 Per Gram
Post 1946 Florin / Shilling / Sixp: $0.28 Per Gram
1966 50c Silver Round Coin: $5.88 Each
Mexican Peso: $1,983 Each
Current Gold / Silver Bullion Rates
Bullion / Coin We Pay You We Sell For
1oz 999 Gold Bar $1,734.00 $1,817.88
1oz 999 Gold Coin $1,734.00 $1,878.71
10oz 999 Gold Bar $17,345.00 $18,017.75
1kg 999 Gold Bar $55,766.00 $57,813.35
1 gram 24k Gold Granules $54.56 $64.43
1oz 999 Silver $20.00 $27.36
10oz 999 Silver $203.00 $237.00
1kg 999 Silver $653.00 $720.40

Our Brisbane Gold Buyers Offer Instant Cash For Gold Jewellery

The Brisbane Gold Company are committed to providing the highest prices to your when you sell gold jewellery, gold coins and any other gold item to us. We advertise our live payment rates at the top of this page, which are linked to the live world gold spot price. You can visit our gold buyers suite located at Shop 01 / 663 Ipswich Road, Annerley, where our trained staff will value and assess all your gold items in front of you, and if you agree to our quote, we will pay you cash directly on the spot. The process of selling gold is quick and easy, most transactions can be completed within 15 minutes. Our advertised rates are guaranteed to be the most competitive cash for gold prices in Brisbane, and our gold buying process is simple to understand and transparent. Also in the unlikely event you manage to find a higher quote from another gold buying company, we will beat that offer. Sell your gold today with the Brisbane Gold Company, free off street parking is available behind our shop at 663 Ipswich Road, Annerley. Yeronga train station is also a short walk away, and a number of public transport buses run directly to our shop location (Bus numbers 100, 110, 115, 116, 117, 124 and 125). Please click here for our full office location details.

Sell Gold Bullion, Silver Bullion, Platinum and Bullion Coins in Brisbane

Receive the highest payment for your gold bullion and silver bullion in Brisbane when you sell with the Brisbane Gold Company. Sell your gold and silver bullion direct with us, our live buying rates for a wide range of bullion products are advertised at the top of this page, and we are able to purchase any quantity of gold bullion and silver bullion your have to sell, without any hidden fees or charges. We pay you direct on the spot for your bullion, in either cash cheque, regular cheque or direct bank deposit. Our process is quick and easy for gold bullion investors selling their gold, we also purchase gold bullion coins, silver bullion coins and platinum items too. Our above advertised payment rates are linked direct to the world spot prices for gold and silver, we guarantee these are the highest payment rates available in Brisbane, and in the unlikely event you obtain a higher quote from another company, we will beat that rate. We are located at Shop 01 / 663 Ipswich Road, Annerley, on site parking is available at the rear of our shop, and a number of public transport options also exist. For the buying or selling of large amounts of bullion, we can also arrange a secure courier. Click Here For full information on our location.

For details on purchasing gold bullion from us, please click here.

To Get Cash for Gold is safe and easy:

Visit our Brisbane Office: located at Shop 01, 663 Ipswich Road, Annerley during office hours Monday to Friday.
We will assess and value your items in front of you and give you an accurate quote for your gold items.
If you agree, we will pay you instantly via cash cheque. You may also elect to have the money paid direct into your bank account for a small fee.
Sophisticated XRF Technology for 100% accurate analysis
X-ray fluorescence equipment is the highest industry standard equipment available on the market today for accurately assessing the purity of all gold and silver items. Our company has invested in the very latest XRF Laser Scanning equipment to ensure all our customers receive their quotes with 100% accuracy guaranteed.
Lowest cost testing methods do not provide the accuracy or reassurance that both sellers and buyers demand. With our latest technology methods and scientific scales for weight detection, the Brisbane Gold Company is able to provide completely accurate analysis of gold quality, which results in a 100% accurate valuation of your gold and silver items.
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