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If you are looking to sell gold or silver items, such as jewellery, coins or bullion, visit us today at the Brisbane Gold Company for industry leading practices and the highest payment rates.

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Visit our Brisbane Office: located at Shop 01, 663 Ipswich Road, Annerley during office hours Monday to Friday.
We will assess and value your items in front of you and give you an accurate quote for your gold items.
If you agree, we will pay you instantly via cash cheque. You may also elect to have the money paid direct into your bank account for a small fee.
The Brisbane Gold Company are leading gold buyers in Brisbane, we purchase direct from the public any type of gold and silver items you are looking to sell, including but not limited to selling gold jewellery, gold bullion, gold coins and even gold nuggets. We are a one stop shop for selling gold, silver and platinum metal items. No appointments are needed, simply visit our store during business hours and our staff can value and assess your items directly on the spot using industry leading technology, and we guarantee our payment rates to you will be the highest available in Brisbane. Our price system is fully automated and linked live with the world gold and silver spot prices, ensuring you receive a 100% accurate payment for your items value at the time you sell, with no hidden fees or price variances. We aim to make it extremely simple and easy for customers selling gold and silver, with the process entirely transparent. When our staff are making their assessments and valuations, all this is done in your presence right in front of you to show trust and enable you to ask questions on the process for your own peace of mind and understanding. Our Brisbane gold buyers use only the very latest industry standard X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) equipment to appraise the purity of gold and silver items you intend to sell, this method is far more reliable than typical acid test kits and ensures a 100% accurate analysis of the precious metal content of each item, following this process your items are weighed and the current market pricing applied, with the final quote then offered to you, and if you accept payment will be made to you instantly on the spot.
Our payment rates displayed below are categorised by price per gram for gold jewellery items, along with by weight for gold and silver bullion, or per item for most coins. These rates are guaranteed and we constantly ensure our rates paid to customers are the most competitive in Queensland. These rates have no hidden costs, commissions or refiners fees, which is unfortunately common with most other gold buyers and cash for gold companies. For your convenience our store is located just south of the city centre at Shop 01 / 663 Ipswich Road, Annerley. Locating our store outside of the CBD area means no hefty parking fees and we have free on site parking at the rear of our building, accessible via Villa Street. All our customers are welcome to simply drop into our store, there is no requirement to make appointments, simply visit us anytime during our office hours. So no matter what type of gold or silver items you have to sell, you'll have peace of mind knowing you are dealing with a second generation family business built on providing a complete one stop precious metals store, with cash for gold and gold bullion investment options which are second to none in the precious metals industry. Visit us today and you will see for yourself that we are able to provide the most accurate assessment and highest payouts, as we aim to provide all our customers with the most honest and transparent transactions possible, every time you deal with the Brisbane Gold Company.
Sophisticated XRF Technology for 100% accurate analysis
X-ray fluorescence equipment is the highest industry standard equipment available on the market today for accurately assessing the purity of all gold and silver items. Our company has invested in the very latest XRF Laser Scanning equipment to ensure all our customers receive their quotes with 100% accuracy guaranteed.
Lowest cost testing methods do not provide the accuracy or reassurance that both sellers and buyers demand. With our latest technology methods and scientific scales for weight detection, the Brisbane Gold Company is able to provide completely accurate analysis of gold quality, which results in a 100% accurate valuation of your gold and silver items.
Live Market Rates
Current Gold Price: $1575.53 AUD
Current Silver Price: $20.7838 AUD
Fri 21st July 2017 @ 8:50pm
Live Market Rates
The below quoted rates are live with the world gold price and paid without any hidden fees or charges.
24k Gold Items: $45.54 Per Gram
22k Gold Items: $41.76 Per Gram
21k Gold Items: $39.94 Per Gram
18k Gold Items: $34.19 Per Gram
15k Gold Items: $28.54 Per Gram
14k Gold Items: $26.67 Per Gram
10k Gold Items: $19.01 Per Gram
9k Gold Items: $17.10 Per Gram
8k Gold Items: $15.23 Per Gram
Live Market Rates
Bullion / Coin We Pay You We Sell For
1oz 999 Gold Bar $1,528 $1,601
1oz 999 Gold Coin $1,528 N/A
1kg 999 Gold Bar $49,134 $50,912
1oz Krugerrands $1,465 N/A
$200 Gold Coins $431 N/A
Gold Sovereigns $344 N/A
1oz 999 Silver $19.95 N/A
1 Gram 24k Gold Granules N/A $56.90
1kg 999 Silver $641.49 $695.64
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